Meet the team!

You know people who absolutely love their job? That's us! It's what makes us good at what we do. We are passionate about music, people, and performance. There is nothing better than helping someone achieve their musical ambitions.

Our clientele continues to choose us for lessons because of the journey we take together and the mentorship we provide. Persistent is key and we are always here to encourage and support.

About Lauren

Lauren has been in the music education industry for 10 years and has been performing for over 22 years. She began piano lessons at seven years old and shortly after started voice lessons. Lauren joined the St. Albert Children's Theater in her youth, which ignited her life-long passion for theater. After numerous productions, life changing experiences, and an unparalleled education of the theater world, she was infatuated with the arts. 

Lauren is a graduate from the University of Alberta where she received her Bachelor of Music Degree. Her humbling experiences introduced her to world renowned artists who shared their guidance through masterclasses, private lessons, and performances. 

Ellen Sullivan's headshot.jpg

About Ellen

Ellen is a graduate of AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy), where she trained in voice, acting, and dancing. She has been teaching privately for many years and more recently has taken the role of musical director for a variety of programs at StoryBook Theater. Ellen has just finished her run with Front Row Center starring as Julia Sullivan in the Wedding Singer. When she isn't teaching or performing in a musical, Ellen is singing with her band, Pleasure Craft, who can be found performing at local weddings and events.

Ellen loves being active and is always finding a way to push herself physically. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, tending to her garden, spending time with her supportive husband, and doting over her beloved cat.

About Timothonius

Timothonius is a jazz pianist, music producer, composer. He is the bandleader of the HAVEN Vanguard Trio, and the man behind the "HAVEN Party" - an event which takes place every last Monday of each month at Koi. He studied Jazz Performance at Mount Royal University (2011-2013), as well as Composition & Electronic Production at Berklee College of Music (2013-2015). Along with his Inner Circle of performing artists, composers, and music producers, Timothonius aims to curate a new wave of "modern" music by merging the worlds of Jazz, Neo-Soul, and Hip-Hop with an electro-acoustic texture. His inspirations include Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, Nujabes, and Robert Glasper.