La- La Lauren’s Music's goal is to provide not only quality music education, but also a unique experience that blends life-skills, performance and personal growth. Individual lessons are customized to polish existing strengths and improve upon areas that require attention.

Why are we different?

We have three core beliefs that distinguishes us from any other music business.

  • We provide quality music education. We understand that learning songs and performances are the enticing side of music; however, we insist that there is a strong foundation rooted in theory and basic musical knowledge. These learned skills ensure you become a well-rounded musician.

  • We take pride in helping our students learn life-skills. Building confidence is an important part of performance. We are committed to helping students discover new abilities that are applicable and transferable to other aspects of their lives. Discipline, dexterity, cognitive function, memorization and accountability are just some of the skills we encourage, never mind it's both soothing and fun to learn a new hobby!

  • We are a community. We value the connections we build with our students and their families. These relationships are important in developing a unique bond that nurtures trust and guidance. We believe in mentorship and being a positive role model for our students.