Image by Roman Kraft
Image by Roman Kraft

Image by Roman Kraft
Image by Roman Kraft



Lauren was in the middle of her teaching week when she noticed a common problem amongst her students. They all lacked confidence and support. They did not realize they were not alone in their struggles. Although every student’s journey is unique, we all experience that common thought - this is hard!


It was then that Lauren knew she needed to create a community for young performers and musicians to collaborate, encourage and support one another.

La- La Lauren's Music is a community where students connect and cheer each other on. Our aim is to create a safe space for musicians to be vulnerable, share their talents and support one another. There is no tolerance for negative attitude or behavior.


Image by Patricia M. Lachance


Lauren contracts teachers and strategically pairs them with students for the best fit. The goal of the company is to not only ensure the highest standard of music education, but also to create a community with numerous resources for teachers and students. Through masterclasses, recitals and performances, young like-minded musicians will discover friendships and support systems that will enrich their musical experience. Click here to visit our Events & Workshops page.