Piano. Voice. Theory. We teach it.
Piano. Voice. Theory. We teach it.

Piano. Voice. Theory. We teach it.
Piano. Voice. Theory. We teach it.


Currently lessons are online. However, as circumstances change, conversations can be held with individual teachers about comfort level of going back to in-person lessons. We plan for lessons to be back in-person for the fall!

What should I expect when I take music lessons?


People take music lessons for a variety of reasons from a fun extra-curricular activity to aspirations of pursuing a career in music. These two very different paths require different commitment. However, practicing is essential in order to improve. The student must take responsibility for practicing.



What genres of music do you teach?

Each teacher specializes in a different genre. Please read the teachers biographies to decided who will be the best fit for you. We offer the genres of classical, jazz, blues, pop, country, R&B and musical theatre. We prepare students for concerts, performances, gigs, auditions, and Royal Conservatory Exams.

Lesson Lengths

  • 30 minute

  • 45 minute

  • 60 minute​​


​​If there is only one person taking an in-home lesson, then the lesson must be a minimum of 45 minutes.


Lesson Structure

Voice Lessons: We start with warm ups and then move to repertoire. We apply technique into every moment of our lesson and everything we do in the lesson has a purpose.  Warm ups (vocal and physical- both occur in lessons) focus the mind, loosen the body, and prepare the voice for singing. We actively work on theory, styling, phrasing, breath support, vocal pedagogy, range, agility, vowel modification, stage presence and performance decorum.


Piano Lessons: Once the age and experience level is accounted for, lessons begin with technique and basic piano pedagogy.  We develop scales, triads, muscle strengthening and technique through exercises. Depending on the teachers, the repertoire chosen will reflect the student's desired goals, or will suit their musical interests.


In-home or Studio?

In-home lessons are convenient! But please consider, is this the best learning environment? Here are some tips to ensure that the student receives the most out of their lessons.​


  • Set a designated space  for music lesson that is either in a private room or a segregated space that allows distance between us and the rest of the family. A study room, computer room, or lounge area are great locations for lessons!

  • NO loud noises!  This includes TV, radio, and any other music should be set to a lower volume as well as family members trying to be as quiet as possible.

  • NO toys in the vicinity. They are just too tempting.

  • Lessons usually occur around dinner time.... and it smells yummy! BUT no food allowed during lessons. Not only is it too messy for pianist, but it can be a choking hazard for vocalists.

  • NO wandering. I know you are in your own house and you are comfortable, but to truly maximize our time together you must stay focused.

  • Piano and voice lessons BOTH require a piano or keyboard to be present in the home. If you do not own a piano/ keyboard please inquire with Lauren.


What kinds of costs

There are start up costs for any extra-curricular activity.  You may be asked to purchase music books, theory books, a metronome or other music lesson related supplies. If you are ready for other performance opportunities there may be extra fees associated.